iTunes “only” on 54 per cent

According to The Register an Xtn Data study suggests that iTunes, at 54%, has the biggest digital music market share in the UK, while Napster has 10%, Wippit 8%, MyCokeMusic 6%, MSN 5%, Virgin Digital 3%, Tesco 2%, Woolworths 2% and HMV Digital 1%. However, the figures are not based on sales or subscription figures, but on a poll of 1,000 consumers about awareness of the brands themselves. The study

DRM CDs are turning music away say retailers

Really? You don#039t say. Copy-protected CDs are turning music fans off record buying say retailers in the US. Thus retailers themselves are starting to consider throwing out DRM#039d CDs. Great news for fans – bad news for firms like Sony, who are still reeling from the Rootkit debacle. Today they are trying to exchange Rootkit CDs and provides free MP3 downloads. But the horse has long bolted on this scandal,

Fresh crackdown on illegal music filesharers – here we go again

Guess what? 50 individuals and companies who illegally uploaded music tracks from the web will be hit with legal action. For more news see: Fresh crackdown on illegal music filesharers – Ireland Online: addict3d.orgFresh crackdown on illegal music filesharers IRMA announces further crackdown on illegal downloads Irish file-swappers face more legal action New legal action planned for filesharers

Sony using hacker techniques

[InformationWeek]: Sony’s DRM system uses techniques normally employed by hackers and “can crash Windows.” Sony BMG Music Entertainment installed a “rootkit” in the copy-protection software distributed along with one of its music titles which exposes those systems to massive security vulnerabilities. Amatuears can’t even remove it. Sony has countered by saying that the copy-protection software is harmless, and issuing a patch, but hackers distributing code that could take advantage of

Thomas Gewecke, SVP Digital, Sony BMG, key quotes

Thomas Gewecke, SVP Digital, Sony BMG started by saying “we#039re big”. “Piracy distorts everything and takes away from the underlying value of music.” “Digital is now an integral part of our producing music. It is a fundamentally part of the work we create.” “That activity is going to grow. It changes everything we do in terms of promting and distributing.” “Digital does not destroy the CD, it creates a wide

Robbie Williams manager, Tim Clark, key quotes

Digital doesn’t devalue music. Absolutely not. But to whom does it deliver the value? There are proliferating opportunities to create black boxes – hiding revenue from artists. Digital can help to deliver transparency. As artists representatives this is what we want to talk about. Digital can deliver this and there#039s no reason why it shouldn#039t. Culturally we are worse off is artists are worse off. Artists need protecting – anyone