PSP to make voice, video IP calls

Sony is going to allow PlayStation Portable (PSP) owners make VoIP and video calls using a camera and microphone which will hit the shops on 25 May. Gamers will be able to call other PSP owners and some BT phones. BT is developing the software, which was originally intended for the Nintendo handheld. The BBC reports the service will initially only be available in the UK and will only work

Mobile TV set for boom in 2009

Mobile handsets capable of displaying TV will hit 244 million by 2011, according to the Multimedia Research Group in the US. That’s double the number previously forecast for the uptake rate expected in 55 countries. Big leaps are expected in 2009 when 53 million broadcast TV enabled handsets are expected to ship. The bulk of the 80 mobile TV trials all over the world will become genuine services. Most will

iPhone on pre-paid?

If the rumour that T-Mobile is in the front line to take the iPhone in Europe then the new rumour that the Apple iPhone will also be available on a pre-paid contract is pretty interesting. The says they got a few screen shots sent to them which show internal AT&T account codes showing the iPhone available to Pay As You Go subscribers with AT&T in the US. This would

MoblogUK relaunches with new look has relaunched its site with a new redesign and launched a moblog for mobile operator 3’s X-Series handset range. Co-founder Alfie Dennen says: “The new homepage is geared towards being more inviting to new users, whilst also being a much more easy way to discover new things happening on the site. One of the new elements is something we call “busyness”, which calls those posts which have the most

Virgin Media starts its marketing

So I got my Virgin Media customer pack today. They must be sending it to everyone who has ever touched Virgin (I had a Virgin mobile number once, plus I was on Telewest at one time). Clearly they are going for the whole "we'll simplify TV, broadband, phone and mobile for you" pitch. There is also a response mechanic: If you got to you'll obviously have read their printed

Content broadcast across idle mobile screens

AIS Thailand, the largest mobile operator in Thailand, plans to expand its content discovery service, mLive! to reach 8 million subscribers by the end of the year, according to the firm. Powered by Celltick (headquartered in London), mLive! broadcasts streams of content teasers directly across the idle screen of user’s mobile phones, with subscribers offered “personalized content and promotions”. AIS says that during its first year of operation over 40%