Two years ago today I found myself on BBC’s Newsnight sitting in front of Jeremy Paxman at 11.10pm. Twenty minutes earlier I’d been in a pub in Shoreditch, relaxing after work on a Friday night. Two pints and one G&T in, I was alerted that Facebook had bought WhatsApp for $19bn, one of the biggest startup acquisitions in history. Newsnight’s Producer rang me and asked me to get in a cab to make it to the studio in time to talk about it. That meant getting from East London to West. I was slightly ‘caught short’. So as I hit the rest-room, my mate Bryce helpfully flagged down a Black Cab. Jumping in and telling the driver to literally “step on it” I made BBC Broadcasting House in time to race down into the studio and sit in the chair opposite Paxman. He didn’t look up from his notes while some VT was playing, but then turned to me and said “we’re on in 30 seconds.” The only thing I hadn’t expected was having to explain “virtual goods” to Jeremy Paxman in the middle of a Newsnight interview… You can watch a 2 minute section of the interview here.