has relaunched its site with a new redesign and launched a moblog for mobile operator 3’s X-Series handset range.

Co-founder Alfie Dennen says: “The new homepage is geared towards being more inviting to new users, whilst also being a much more easy way to discover new things happening on the site. One of the new elements is something we call “busyness”, which calls those posts which have the most comment activity to the front page.”Featured moblogs are also more prominent now, making it easier to see what competitions and interesting images and video are being posted by bands, charities and other organisations moblogging.

A new tag cloud, displays interesting posts and discovers what tags are common throughout the site. The site’s navigation is now always visible at the top of the page, with the addition of the new ‘featured’ and ‘highlights’ links. Some enhancements have also been made to the search page, improving search results overall.

Moblog recently announced a deal to license its technology to Channel for the for Big Art Mob.