Fresh crackdown on illegal music filesharers – here we go again

Guess what? 50 individuals and companies who illegally uploaded music tracks from the web will be hit with legal action. For more news see: Fresh crackdown on illegal music filesharers – Ireland Online: addict3d.orgFresh crackdown on illegal music filesharers IRMA announces further crackdown on illegal downloads Irish file-swappers face more legal action New legal action planned for filesharers

John Benedict, Partner, Benedicts Grant, quoted

Any owner of copyright can license anything. What changes is whether you can control anything as a copyright, or if you try to monetise the anarchy. It#039s very easy to point fingers at the record industry, but the people on the Napster side of the desk have crossed and are trying to find legitimate ways of making P2P work. The industry has to trat the Net like radio and TV

Shannon Ferguson, Yahoo Music Europe, quotes

Shannon Ferguson, Yahoo Music Europe said: Both ad-supported and subscription with be the model for Yahoo Music Europe. We compete more against the free music than against other music subscription services. I think there is some price senstivity. Less people have taken the portable tier and that#039s a reflection of the fact that there#039s not enough portable devices out there.

Wayne Rosso, CEO, Mashboxx keyquotes

“Our experience is similar to the average P2P services, except we have 20m titles available, compared to iTunes etc” “We’ve gotten tech partners that allow us to basically prevent the uploading of registered copyrighted materials. You#039ll be delivered instead a controlled copy, one component of which is try before you buy – allowing a listening of the song up to five times before you make a purchase decision.” “We’ll find

Live event blogging: Does Digital Devalue Music? in London

MusicBites is live blogging from the MusicAlly debate on “Does Digital devalue Music“. The line-up: Keynote address: Adam Singer, Group CEO, MCPS-PRS Alliance Thomas Gewecke, SVP Digital, Sony BMG Panel discussion: John Benedict, Partner, Benedicts Grant Tim Clark, Partner, IE Music Wayne Rosso, CEO, Mashboxx Shannon Ferguson, Director, Yahoo Music Europe Chair: Paul Brindley, MD, MusicAlly

Thomas Gewecke, SVP Digital, Sony BMG, key quotes

Thomas Gewecke, SVP Digital, Sony BMG started by saying “we#039re big”. “Piracy distorts everything and takes away from the underlying value of music.” “Digital is now an integral part of our producing music. It is a fundamentally part of the work we create.” “That activity is going to grow. It changes everything we do in terms of promting and distributing.” “Digital does not destroy the CD, it creates a wide

Robbie Williams manager, Tim Clark, key quotes

Digital doesn’t devalue music. Absolutely not. But to whom does it deliver the value? There are proliferating opportunities to create black boxes – hiding revenue from artists. Digital can help to deliver transparency. As artists representatives this is what we want to talk about. Digital can deliver this and there#039s no reason why it shouldn#039t. Culturally we are worse off is artists are worse off. Artists need protecting – anyone

Adam Singer, key quotes

Adam Singer MCPRS: “The music industry is first and foremost about harnessing ther technology. If copyright and tech grow up together then you also change the nature of copyright.” “Nature dislikes difference. Similarly in the music industry, copyright must adapt to new technology. “How do we react? There is a cultureof fear among music industry executives addicted to the past.” He quoted Stanley Baldwin “We should accept this is a