Adam Singer MCPRS:

“The music industry is first and foremost about harnessing ther technology. If copyright and tech grow up together then you also change the nature of copyright.”

“Nature dislikes difference. Similarly in the music industry, copyright must adapt to new technology.

“How do we react? There is a cultureof fear among music industry executives addicted to the past.”

He quoted Stanley Baldwin “We should accept this is a time of change.”

“Running established corporations is about stretching the status quo – the winner stretches it before it becomes a stretch to far.”

“Steam engines didn#039t make it into cars.”

“Music firms locked into the industrial physical model of music will struggle to make it in a post industrial world.”

“Platforms will come and go. Music is permanent. But platforms are ephemeral. What changes is the platform between creator and audience.”

“Digital technology is an exponential change. Digital reduces cost and enables huge increases in supply. Basic economics apply – increase supply value goes down.”

“The early period of music ownership is over. We are moving from an ownership model to a leasing model. It wil apply to film, TV and books.”

“Most economic models online are about leasing not owning.”

“The model of free online is about to change.”

In a DRM world with increasing levels of meta data, levies would become a nonsense.

A healthy DRM is good we start to ensure an economy based on IP values.

But if Shapsepeare could not borrow from Plutarch there would have been no Shakespeare – so balance is required.

Paraphrase: Corporations have to realise that if you create desire and do not fulfill that then you create a market which wil go around you

“Regional encryption encourages consumers rebellion.”

It#039s no possible to create music in a bedroom or a TV channel for under #1000.

In a networked world, audiences fragment. This will also happen to supplier of music.

“The new world belongs to the intermediary, the search engine.”

Yes, the Arctic Monkeys are signed by a major, but they broke themselves on the Net. But artists will also need help to scale.

In the digital world there is no

In the end digital does not devalue music but it devalues the current generation of msuic based intermediaries.

We need the online version of Microsoft to turn up.