Strengths and weaknesses of the iPhone

On the eve of its launch, courtesy of Frukt Music, comes an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the iPhone: Strengths: – Apple approach: a)great product, b)simple usability, c) clear communication – Dual-contact touch screen, twice the resolution of average computer screen, full-detail web pages with easy zoom-in feature, easy-view photo software, extra Google maps functionality (traffic details, fake GPS), easy music/phonecall switchover via headphone button, integrated email, phone

CBS buys for $280m, plans more ads

As hinted at back in February, has been trawling around looking for a buyer and today it found its harbour in the form of a US media giant. The ‘social music’ site has been bought by CBS Corporation for $280m (£140m). This is less than the earlier rumour, but still the largest-ever buyout of a UK-based “Web 2.0” site. The site was founded in the UK five years ago

iPhone on pre-paid?

If the rumour that T-Mobile is in the front line to take the iPhone in Europe then the new rumour that the Apple iPhone will also be available on a pre-paid contract is pretty interesting. The says they got a few screen shots sent to them which show internal AT&T account codes showing the iPhone available to Pay As You Go subscribers with AT&T in the US. This would

Pandora goes mobile in the US

The online personalised music streaming service Pandora has signed a deal with US carrier Sprint to be pre-installed or downloaded to handsets. Pandora and other web broadcasters have been heavily hit by recent increases in the licensing fees for web broadcasters in the US. Pandora has also had to stop streaming outside the US. The new Sprint venture means a badly needed extra revenue stream on top of advertising. Pandora

T-Mobile to offer live music gigs

T-Mobile is partnering with, an independent music site, to improve its music and video download offering to mobiles and allows users to access content from live music events and gigs. Customers will be able to download music, videos and photos from acts featured in the site’s Street Gigs series. T-Mobile will also offer gig listings, ticket sales, news, exclusive interviews and backstage footage. The ARTISTdirect network has 40 million

Bebo hires Gambino to take on MySpace

Whatever happened to Angel Gambino, she of “MTV 2.0”? Well she’s been hired by Bebo to a new position of VP-music. Bebo is interested in rivaling MySpace in the music stakes. Until January this year she was VP commercial, strategy and digital media for Viacom in the UK, where she worked across 11 channels, and was previously controller of business development and emerging platforms at the BBC. Gambino announced the

Indie bands get push from

It’s now obvious that in order to promote a band these days you have to play online. MySpace was a ‘go-to’ place for a long time, although it is fast losing its cache as record companies start to – ethically or unethically – virally seed their own acts, sometimes even using robots to add hundreds of friends to an artist’s site or just employing people specifically for this task. And

Digital music sales double

Global digital music sales almost doubled in 2006 to around $2 billion, or 10 percent of all sales, but have not reached the industry’s “holy grail” of offsetting the fall in CD sales, says the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry. Reuters reports that expected digital sales to account for a quarter of all sales worldwide by 2010.