On the eve of its launch, courtesy of Frukt Music, comes an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the iPhone:


– Apple approach: a)great product, b)simple usability, c) clear communication

– Dual-contact touch screen, twice the resolution of average computer screen, full-detail web pages with easy zoom-in feature, easy-view photo software, extra Google maps functionality (traffic details, fake GPS), easy music/phonecall switchover via headphone button, integrated email, phone and web features and other technological advancements will appeal to early adopter Apple fans

– Relies on tried-and-tested iTunes software – already a hit with consumers

– Easy to activate iPhone at home using iTunes

– YouTube link-up allows users to view videos over WiFi


– Apparently no way to record video – so no instant uploads to YouTube

– Sealed-in battery. Must send it back to Apple for a replacement.

– No memory card slot

– Over-the-air content delivery not part of initial iPhone plan (although not a critical concern: for every iPod bought, only 20 tracks on average are iTunes purchased, most are transferred from CD or illegally downloaded)

– Strength/Weakness: High price point ($499/$599 at launch) will only attract early adopters (J.D. Power: Typical U.S. phone user in 2006 paid $94 for a mobile). Although, for the initial model, perhaps early adopters are the sole target market (modest Apple sales targets of 10M globally by 2008, less than 1% of the mobile handset market)