Strengths and weaknesses of the iPhone

On the eve of its launch, courtesy of Frukt Music, comes an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the iPhone: Strengths: – Apple approach: a)great product, b)simple usability, c) clear communication – Dual-contact touch screen, twice the resolution of average computer screen, full-detail web pages with easy zoom-in feature, easy-view photo software, extra Google maps functionality (traffic details, fake GPS), easy music/phonecall switchover via headphone button, integrated email, phone

iPhone on pre-paid?

If the rumour that T-Mobile is in the front line to take the iPhone in Europe then the new rumour that the Apple iPhone will also be available on a pre-paid contract is pretty interesting. The says they got a few screen shots sent to them which show internal AT&T account codes showing the iPhone available to Pay As You Go subscribers with AT&T in the US. This would

Public Enemy distributes music via mobile

Public Enemy’s New Wireless Order: Public Enemy (which pioneered using MP3s) is getting into wireless. On Nov. 28 the group will make the music from its new album, New Whirl Odor, available through wireless phone networks using distribution technology from privately held m-Qube. “It’s like the Internet in ’98, but with a business plan,” says Walter Leaphart, who manages Public Enemy leader Chuck D.