I don’t have Work/Life Balance. I have Work/Life Hum.

Many moons ago people used to talk about Work/Life Balance. You know the sort of thing: don’t work so hard that you can’t have “a life” as well. I little idea about what they actually meant in practice, but I imagine it involved having some kind of separation between work and living your life outside of work. Well I may have had something approaching that a few years ago, but

Is Twitter now an enterprise productivity tool?

I would have to concur with Marshall Kirkpatrick. I also now use Twitter as a working tool, not just for ‘status upates’ (which I don’t really do any more unless I can say something vaguely informative or funny). I use it to interrogate and interact with my work and social contacts. It’s now one big ongoing conversation which can help me in my work, and especially in writing stories. I

Twitter killed the Status Star

When Twitter started out it seemed like a cool new web application to update your ‘status’ (what you are up to) for friends and, well, the world in general. Like Facebook status updates, but out on the Wild Web. But when people started having conversations via their Twitter status updates using the “@” symbol (e.g. “@mike Yeah, I thought that”)I was initially quite annoyed. I even direct-messaged some people to

Three signs Aardman for ad-supported videos

UK mobile network Three has signed Aardman Animations, creators of the Wallace and Gromit series of animations, to supply video “snack” content. Has the Aardman’s ‘Angry Kid’ series of video shorts which are paid downloads, but this new package is ad-supported, and will feature old favourites such as Creature Comforts, A Town Called Panic, Purple & Brown and Morph. 3’s ad-supported video service is operated by Rhythm NewMedia. “Launching an

MoblogUK rebrands, looks for funding

moblog:tech, the new name for UK moblogging pioneers MoblogUK, has entered a new phase and is now looking for an ‘equity for investment’ deal. The privately owned moblog:tech (MT) launched Moblog.co.uk in 2003 and is now now one of Europe’s biggest moblogging community sites. In fact pictures from the London bombings appeared first on the site, showing at the time that the emerging phenomena of ‘citizen journalism’ and user generated

Turn Facebook statuses into a twitter feed?

Julian Bond at Voidstar has a great post on routing all your and your friend’s Status updates from Facebook to Twitter using Mario Menti’s excellent TwitterFeed service. Now, here’s my question. Is this not completely insane? Keeping up with Twitter feeds is hard enough. Adding Facebook status updates would hasten my “Twitter Bankruptcy”. At least with Twitter most people tend to keep in the back of their head that at

Bluetooth spam from the thin Blue line

I never thought I’d see the day, but the Police are getting into spamming videos from their mobiles. West Yorkshire Police has launched 999tv.org showcasing video features and advice from a number of the region’s police officers, as well as the West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service. The first video shows how Police are using mobile phones to literally spam any Bluetooth device in the vicinity with a “Crime Prevention

Twitter is a story-teller’s dream

Piece this together from my Twitter feed. The storm clouds of weather and terrorism combined…. : 15:31 technokitten getting very bored of the rain. Maybe a cup of tea will help! 16:02 Suw @drewb: I’m in N7, but there was just the one rumble. Wondering if we’ll have more. 16:02 drewb Heathrow closed, all flights cancelled! All over the TV. A package has been found apparently. Got to be a

A review of the iPhone actually worth reading

You know you are reading someone (Daring Fireball) who really knows their stuff about Macs when they review the iPhone thus: User Interface: The high resolution screen is gorgeous. Helvetica has never, ever looked so good on screen. Everything is very fast, very responsive. When you drag something – whether it’s the slider button to unlock the phone, a zoomed-in photograph, or a web page – the drag keeps up