Three signs Aardman for ad-supported videos

UK mobile network Three has signed Aardman Animations, creators of the Wallace and Gromit series of animations, to supply video “snack” content. Has the Aardman’s ‘Angry Kid’ series of video shorts which are paid downloads, but this new package is ad-supported, and will feature old favourites such as Creature Comforts, A Town Called Panic, Purple & Brown and Morph. 3’s ad-supported video service is operated by Rhythm NewMedia. “Launching an

Joost hunts down talent, avoids UGC

Joost is hiring talent scouts Creative Artists Agency to get Hollywood programming onto its service. Along with well known programming and a clutch of top advertisers Joost wants to offer shows from independent professional video makers rather than “wild” UGC/social media. Joost has $45 million from five backers and signed Viacom and sister company CBS for content recently.

Virgin Media starts its marketing

So I got my Virgin Media customer pack today. They must be sending it to everyone who has ever touched Virgin (I had a Virgin mobile number once, plus I was on Telewest at one time). Clearly they are going for the whole "we'll simplify TV, broadband, phone and mobile for you" pitch. There is also a response mechanic: If you got to you'll obviously have read their printed

What is Joost capable of?

In a great article about Joost, The Guardian’s Owen Gibson looks at the main points behind the services. Jost will “split” the signal so it cannot be pirated, and there will be no user content until copyright issues are sorted out. Joost also lets you construct your own channels and will pull together all the available car content and “schedule” it into a bespoke channel for you. You can chat

Advertising to shun user-generated video

The FT reports that social media sites with video, like YouTube and MySpace, will not earn as much in advertising as professional video sites. According to Screen Digest, the media analysis company, ad revenues on UGC sites will grow from $200m last year to $875m by 2010. But this will account for just 15 per cent of the total online video advertising budget. Arash Amel, Screen Digest’s senior analyst, says

BT’s IPTV strategy could improve ARPU

Andrew Burke, CEO, BT Entertainment Division spoke convincingly about BT’s approach to IPTV. He noted that there is 5% growth on voice calls, but it’s swamped by what’s going on online. 60bn emails a day, 10bn SMS, 6bn instant mesages sent a day. Ultimately, this may move to the TV. Business case for IPTV is : with broadband penetration IPTV is more possible. 35% of households in the UK now