CBS buys for $280m, plans more ads

As hinted at back in February, has been trawling around looking for a buyer and today it found its harbour in the form of a US media giant. The ‘social music’ site has been bought by CBS Corporation for $280m (£140m). This is less than the earlier rumour, but still the largest-ever buyout of a UK-based “Web 2.0” site. The site was founded in the UK five years ago

Xbox 360 is iPod compatible

Microsoft’s XBox site has published a document that shows how to turn the XBox 360 gaming device into an iPod accessory: “We’re happy to report that the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system works with MP3 music files on Apple iPod portable audio players, right out of the box. Just connect your iPod’s USB cable into any controller port on your Xbox 360 console, then go to the Media

Universal man likes new video iPod, iTunes

Barney Wragg, vice president of eLabs at Universal Music International, told MusicBites at the launch of the new video iPod, that the new iPod made the business of downloading both music and videos just plain “simple”. Plus, the new iMac was a potential TV-killer. “I had been thinking about getting a Windows Media Centre at home, plugged into the TV screen. But now it’s definitely going to be an Apple,”