The Rokr vs. the Walkman

Macworld compares the Walkmand the the ROKR music phones. The final analysis? “Both phones performed well. The Rokr’s ITunes compatibility is a nice bonus, especially for current ITunes users. However, the W800i Walkman phone accommodates my needs a little better: It has comfy earbuds, takes slightly better pictures, and looks good. Alas, it’s too darn expensive. If Sony Ericsson could sign up a carrier that could mark down the price,

They might be giants – not!

MusicGiants Inc. has launched a new music download service today, reports Reuters, hoping their Windows Media Audio “lossless” format will appeal above the crowd. Are they kidding? It’s reached licensing deals with all the major music labels including EMI Group, Sony/BMG, Vivendi Universal and Warner Music Group. Supposedly lossless files have up to 7 times the sound quality of music files on other commercial music services. As if anyone cares…

Big bang flash cards for the Stones

The Rolling Stones album A Bigger Bang has been released on a a new secured mini flash card from SanDisk. Consumers can preview and purchase more music from the band’s back catalog, through either a PC or a supported mobile phone (Palm and Windows Mobile only, Symbian phones next year). See more at The Register and Business Week. The cards are only available in the US so far. Assuming they