SpiralFrog – crazy frog?

Spiral Frog will make us watch adverts before downloading the music track to one PC and two portable devices, while remembering to log in at least once a month, in order to retain access to the music we've already watched adverts in exchange for. MusicBites thinks this sounds a bit like all those dumb businesses during the late 90s which tried to play 15 second to 30 second adverts at

DAP Delights for November 3

AOL, the most boring of all ISPs, is jumping into online music, after purchasing Musicnow.com. They’ll be offering a subscription music service similar Napster, Yahoo, and others. Cost? $10 a month for unlimited subscription downloads, and $15 if you want to transfer them to a compatible DAP. Will it work? Maybe. AOL is more “mainstream” than Napster for instance.

Universal man likes new video iPod, iTunes

Barney Wragg, vice president of eLabs at Universal Music International, told MusicBites at the launch of the new video iPod, that the new iPod made the business of downloading both music and videos just plain “simple”. Plus, the new iMac was a potential TV-killer. “I had been thinking about getting a Windows Media Centre at home, plugged into the TV screen. But now it’s definitely going to be an Apple,”