Podcast: Digital music – how the fans and the bands are revolutionising the music business

The mbites.com podcast this week looked at how digital music is impacting both on music fans and the artists themselves. The guests (pictured) were Laura Lee Davies, former editor of Time Out magazine in London and a music journalist of 20 years experience, and Ben Drury, founder and managing director of 7digital.com, which provides digital downloading services to many leading brands and artists’ web sites. Download the MP3 file here

MusicBites Podcast: Industry Roundtable – The Year in Digital Music

MusicBites put together a panel of experts for its end of year review of the digital music business, the recording of which can be downloaded here (Note: 49MB file). It took place at one of London’s best private members clubs, Adam Street, which is rapidly becoming the hub of entrepreneurs and media/digital businesses in the UK’s capital city. The panel discussed some of the big moves made this year by

Fresh crackdown on illegal music filesharers – here we go again

Guess what? 50 individuals and companies who illegally uploaded music tracks from the web will be hit with legal action. For more news see: Fresh crackdown on illegal music filesharers – Ireland Online: addict3d.orgFresh crackdown on illegal music filesharers IRMA announces further crackdown on illegal downloads Irish file-swappers face more legal action New legal action planned for filesharers