Videocast: Interview with Jason Calacanis

Click To Play I interviewed Jason Calacanis, CEO of while he was in London for the NMK Forum this week. Broadly speaking, he covered what Mahalo will set out to achieve and how. Mahalo is to be a human powered search engine, creating better results and easier to use information than the brute force of a cold algorithm. As Calacanis said to me after the interview, “Google plus human

Calacanis launches Mahalo Greenhouse at NMK Forum

BREAKING NEWS: The Internet is getting polluted, said Jason Calacanis today in his keynote speech today at NMK Forum 07. He calls it an 'environmental crisis' of bad blogging, gaming the system, SEO gone mad and "pay per post". "The polluting SEO slime balls have destroyed our Internet and it's time to take it back" he said. He introduced to the UK internet industry, which is a new human

Yell yells at YellowWikis

The world's biggest yellow pages publisher, Yell, has threatened to shut down Yellowikis, the wiki-based yellow pages directory, accusing it of of "misrepresentation", "passing off" and suggests that using the name Yellowikis could "constitute an 'instrument of fraud'. It's contacted Yellowikis co-founders Paul Youlten and Rosa Blaus (his 15 year-old daughter) demanding they shutter the website, transfer the domain names to Yell and agree to pay damages to Yell for

Jon Snow loves new media…

Jon Snow, presenter, Channel 4 News spoke at The Media Guardian's Changing Media Summit. He had a lot to say: He doesn't see any problem with new media I just see and "erosion of crap." In the end the webmaster is a key figure of any organisation. Utter gold dust can come flying your way. "Old media used to be so one-way and irresponsible. Now we have a way of

Podcast: Digital music – how the fans and the bands are revolutionising the music business

The podcast this week looked at how digital music is impacting both on music fans and the artists themselves. The guests (pictured) were Laura Lee Davies, former editor of Time Out magazine in London and a music journalist of 20 years experience, and Ben Drury, founder and managing director of, which provides digital downloading services to many leading brands and artists’ web sites. Download the MP3 file here