Guardian man thinks blogs are about ‘engagement’

Simon Waldman spoke at The Media Guardian’s Changing Media Summit: “People will place a lot more value on an engaged audience. This is a real value to media owners. Increasingly you’ll be judged by the level of engagement with your audience.” “That’s our challenge. We know how to publish a fixed/closed entity in print and online but this new world is now much more open and decentralised.”

Consumer in control says MSN advertising boss

Chris Dobson, general manager, sales and trade marketing, MSN International spoke at The Media Guardian’s Changing Media Summit. PVRs are a big change in media, he said in a speech which concentrated on the power of online advertising to a largely mainstream media audience and understandably pushed Microsoft’s position in the market place. Tivo already over 10% penetration in home. Projection in the next 3-4 years is that it will

IAB says it doesn’t push the ‘big’ publishers

Guy Phillpson of the Internet Advertising Bureau spoke at The Media Guardian's Changing Media Summit. He said the IAB doesn't push any one publisher when talking about online advertising. The IAB has large and smaller members, he said. "We're format agnostic about it. We talk more in terms of disciplines like rich media advertising, not about platforms." "If there's something [and advertising format] that's proprietorial then a publisher might get

Guardian Unlimited making a million in profit

Carolyn McCall, chief executive, Guardian Newspapers Ltd confirmed today that the Guardian Unlimited is on course to make a £1m profit online this year. She was speaking at The Media Guardian’s Changing Media Summit. This is not bad given that the majority of this will be purely from online advertising. However, the start-up costs for Guardian Unlimited were in the region of £10m…

Bespoke tailor gets 300pc sales rise out of his blog

Hugh Macleod, spoke about how he had worked with Thomas Mahon, bespoke Savile Row tailor, to launch English Cut. He says having a blog was much easier to "control the conversation" than going through mainstream media – especially after being strung along by some national newspaper journalists, attempting to get media profile. Since they launched the blog, inside 6 months he saw a 300% rise in sales.

Social Media panel – Tom Coates

Tom Coates, ‘tech development’, London, Yahoo! said this (paraphrased): The shift is in helping people create content and make use of it. The content they produce is part of an environment which is greater than the sum of it’s parts, and the hosting company can turn that into a larger resources, so I’d probably put that as what social media ‘is’. People may be reluctant to stick ads onto user

Jon Snow loves new media…

Jon Snow, presenter, Channel 4 News spoke at The Media Guardian's Changing Media Summit. He had a lot to say: He doesn't see any problem with new media I just see and "erosion of crap." In the end the webmaster is a key figure of any organisation. Utter gold dust can come flying your way. "Old media used to be so one-way and irresponsible. Now we have a way of