Is The Standard coming back?

The Industry Standard, my former magazine, appears to be considering re-launching. Its six years since the death of the “newsmagazine of the Internet Economy�, but at least it left a good looking corpse. Many people still respect the kind of in-depth investigate coverage it brought to the Internet industry. Quite why owners IDG are considering bringing it back is beyond me. Time-Warner pulled the plug on Business 2.0, a similar

Press Gazette relaunches site

The UK’s Press Gazette magazine, a title for journalists, has relaunched its web site in a three column design. From the more colourful home page, drop-down menus lead the user into the various magazine and site sections. It seems clear that the main site is running on a fairly old-fashioned content management system still, while the blogs have shot ahead, with tag clouds, pictures, comments and blog rolls.

Time magazine downsizes to meet online challenge

Time magazine is among the latest large media owner to realise that the Internet is not a place where you spend a lot of money. In fact, it’s so efficient at disintermediating the income streams of traditional media companies who mainly play in print, that they are having to cut staff and put what resources they have left online. This something UK Press Gazette failed to realise and paid the

Bespoke tailor gets 300pc sales rise out of his blog

Hugh Macleod, spoke about how he had worked with Thomas Mahon, bespoke Savile Row tailor, to launch English Cut. He says having a blog was much easier to "control the conversation" than going through mainstream media – especially after being strung along by some national newspaper journalists, attempting to get media profile. Since they launched the blog, inside 6 months he saw a 300% rise in sales.