BREAKING NEWS: The Internet is getting polluted, said Jason Calacanis today in his keynote speech today at NMK Forum 07. He calls it an 'environmental crisis' of bad blogging, gaming the system, SEO gone mad and "pay per post".

"The polluting SEO slime balls have destroyed our Internet and it's time to take it back" he said.

He introduced to the UK internet industry, which is a new human powered search engine to filter the rubbish in search results into a comprehensible form.

He went on to make a new announcement about "Mahalo Greenhouse" – where anyone can help build the world's first search engines and users will get paid to do this.

If a user is accepted they get to start building age on, for instance, a history of the Martini.

Mahalos explains the concept more fully here:

"Today I'm thrilled to announce the Mahalo Greenhouse, a place where the public can build search results that-if accepted by our Guides-will be included in the Mahalo search index. Oh yeah, if we accept your search result we will pay you $10 to $15 per search result (the range is based on how many search results you've completed: more here). Now, if you're a disciple of Yochai and you absolutely will not work on a web-based project for money, we've got an amazing proposition for you: make the web better by writing spam-free search results and we'll donate your fees to the Wikimedia Foundation. So, you can make the world better 2x: first by making clean, spam- free search results and second by helping keep the Wikipedia running (those server bills ain't cheap!). We've earmarked up to $250,000 in donations to the Wikipedia this year."