Thomas Gewecke, SVP Digital, Sony BMG started by saying “we#039re big”.

“Piracy distorts everything and takes away from the underlying value of music.”

“Digital is now an integral part of our producing music. It is a fundamentally part of the work we create.”

“That activity is going to grow. It changes everything we do in terms of promting and distributing.”

“Digital does not destroy the CD, it creates a wide variety of formats which require encoding and security. Our own research shows the digital consumer is not a homogenous consumer with a single pricepoint. They buy many different products and on many different devices.”

“People do not want to have to pay multiple times. They just want to pay an appropriate price which compensates every one the value chain. If you look at mobile games and master ringtones, you see robust pricing which has been sustained for a long time. The difference with online is just about piracy, the technology and whether people can freely copy or participate in the economic model.”

“Over the next 12-18 months a convergence between the mobile and the PC. There are more mobiles than iPods. 800m mobiles sold this year, 26m ipOds. There is no competition. 3G is taking off for full length audio and video between phone and the PC.”

“The rise of commercial superdistribution is inevitable.”

The fact you can make a copy in another format doesn#039t