“Our experience is similar to the average P2P services, except we have 20m titles available, compared to iTunes etc”

“We’ve gotten tech partners that allow us to basically prevent the uploading of registered copyrighted materials. You#039ll be delivered instead a controlled copy, one component of which is try before you buy – allowing a listening of the song up to five times before you make a purchase decision.”

“We’ll find out of schmucks who use free P2P actually DO use it to just sample msuic.”

Even though we identify the content, it gives guys the ability to monetise content like bootloegs, They can allow this to become legal. It#039s win win.

We#039re entering the market on an ala carte basis.

The subscription market will be sooner than 5 years, but there#039s a learning curve.

No-one wants a Windows DRM but guess what? iPods were made for Piracy.

“I don#039t care, we#039re all pissed off with Steve Jobs.”

“iPods are pushing the music industry into the hands of the true Satan, Bill Gates.,”

“If you can control copyright on a network level what the fuck do you need regional copyright for?”

“Playlouder are copying me.”

“If you can control it at an MP3 level and a network level then suddenly you don#039t get controlled by Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, or any hardware maker.”

“Blanket licensing is a HUGE barier to entry”