Sony using hacker techniques

[InformationWeek]: Sony’s DRM system uses techniques normally employed by hackers and “can crash Windows.” Sony BMG Music Entertainment installed a “rootkit” in the copy-protection software distributed along with one of its music titles which exposes those systems to massive security vulnerabilities. Amatuears can’t even remove it. Sony has countered by saying that the copy-protection software is harmless, and issuing a patch, but hackers distributing code that could take advantage of

Consumers get heavy over Nano

[BBC]: A group legal action suit over the iPod nano has widened beyond the United States to includes consumers from the United Kingdom and Mexico. Consumers are alleging that the iPod nano screens are easily scratched. Apple says the problem only affects less than one-percent of its players. The law suit seeks a refund and a portion of Apple profits from player sales (yeah, right). In fact, Apple has agreed