MySpace to sell music from nearly 3 million bands

MySpace is to sell songs from nearly 3 million unsigned bands, reports Reuters. Thats’non-DRM’d MP3s, by the way. The bands will be able to set the price for each track, with MySpace and tech partner Snocap taking a cut of the sale, reports Wired. However, the move probably won’t affect Apple, as CNN and MySpace itself seems to think. As tbites points out – guess what – MP3s can be

YelloWiki denies ‘passing off’ as Yell

YelloWikis may capitulate to Yell over their recent legal action due to lack of funds to fight a prolonged court battle. In an email interview with tbites, YelloWikis’ Paul Youlten said (words in bold are tbites’ emphasis): “We have to reply to their charges by next Monday and we are planning to deny the charges of “passing off” – though some solicitors seem to think that we will win quite

MySpace goes into orbit

HitWise has the drop on MySpace today: “ has surpassed Yahoo! Mail as the most visited domain on the Internet for US Internet users. To put MySpace’s growth in perspective, if we look back to July 2004 represented only .1% of all Internet visits. This time last year represented 1.9% of all Internet visits. With the week ending July 8, 2006 market share figure of 4.5% of all

Yell yells at YellowWikis

The world's biggest yellow pages publisher, Yell, has threatened to shut down Yellowikis, the wiki-based yellow pages directory, accusing it of of "misrepresentation", "passing off" and suggests that using the name Yellowikis could "constitute an 'instrument of fraud'. It's contacted Yellowikis co-founders Paul Youlten and Rosa Blaus (his 15 year-old daughter) demanding they shutter the website, transfer the domain names to Yell and agree to pay damages to Yell for

Jon Snow loves new media…

Jon Snow, presenter, Channel 4 News spoke at The Media Guardian's Changing Media Summit. He had a lot to say: He doesn't see any problem with new media I just see and "erosion of crap." In the end the webmaster is a key figure of any organisation. Utter gold dust can come flying your way. "Old media used to be so one-way and irresponsible. Now we have a way of

Xbox 360 is iPod compatible

Microsoft’s XBox site has published a document that shows how to turn the XBox 360 gaming device into an iPod accessory: “We’re happy to report that the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system works with MP3 music files on Apple iPod portable audio players, right out of the box. Just connect your iPod’s USB cable into any controller port on your Xbox 360 console, then go to the Media