YelloWikis may capitulate to Yell over their recent legal action due to lack of funds to fight a prolonged court battle. In an email interview with tbites, YelloWikis’ Paul Youlten said (words in bold are tbites’ emphasis): “We have to reply to their charges by next Monday and we are planning to deny the charges of “passing off” – though some solicitors seem to think that we will win quite easily, others think Yell have a very strong case. So our objective is to resolve the whole thing as quickly as possible – just because we can’t afford to fight them. We might have to agree to all their demands in order to avoid damages. It would be a sad to hand over the domain names…. Shetlopedia would seem to have just a good a claim to them too.” Youlten also said he had “had an offer of help from Jimmy Wales” Wikipedia founder.

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