MoblogUK rebrands, looks for funding

moblog:tech, the new name for UK moblogging pioneers MoblogUK, has entered a new phase and is now looking for an ‘equity for investment’ deal. The privately owned moblog:tech (MT) launched in 2003 and is now now one of Europe’s biggest moblogging community sites. In fact pictures from the London bombings appeared first on the site, showing at the time that the emerging phenomena of ‘citizen journalism’ and user generated

New event: Brunch Bites 1.0

Come for brunch with tbites editor Mike Butcher, this Wednesday in Soho, London… EVENT: Brunch Bites 1.0 (BETA) Date: Wednesday, August 1, 2007 Time: 10:30am – 12:00pm Location: The Breakfast Club, Soho 33 D’Arblay Street London Map Venue: Email: editor [at] Description: Into digital media, marketing, music, mobile and Web 2.0? Got a startup? Come for brunch with blogger and journalist Mike Butcher, and Bites Media, and

Facebook is the new AOL

ValleyWag today runs an interesting insider piece from a startup developing Facebook applications. Until recently FB members could invite all their friends to an app. creating massive viral adoption. Hence why some apps like Top Friends by Slide ended up with millions of users. Now Facebook is limiting app invitations to just 10 per day. That mean anyone creating a new app and trying to go viral has a mountain

Blogging Essential Web 2007

Live blogging notes from Essential Web 2007. Startup showcase notes: has 1000 uniques per day and has a had a lot of press coverage. Partnered with Zipcar and which is helping them to move to the US market. The founder claims to have had a sudden amount of adoption by users in London. The future is increasing the user base and syndicating content around restaurant web sites. Also

Facebook vs MySpace: College vs the street

The BBC reports on research by Danah Boyd which found that Facebook users come from wealthier homes and are more likely to attend college while MySpace users tend not to have gone on to further education. While “class” in the US does not map directly to income it is more about social life and networks. Hence Facebook users tend to be white and education oriented while MySpace teenager tend to

Social networks go niche

From Brand Republic: “The Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) and 10Duke have launched the first specialist tennis-dedicated online network, claiming that vertical communities will displace the likes of YouTube and MySpace. The ATP is using 10Duke’s technology platform to take its existing offline community online. Users can upload footage to via online and mobile to show off their tennis skills. Tennis fans can access behind the scenes clips from

NewsFlash: Social network users are unfaithful

It’s all very well for Facebook to be smug about it’s new found success but a new report suggests that the latest vogue for social networking is built on the same shaky ground as any other site on the Net which is but a click away. In particular, MySpace users are chronically unfaithful, according to Parks Associates‘ “Web 2.0 & the New Net,” a new report that focuses on the