Live blogging notes from Essential Web 2007.

Startup showcase notes: has 1000 uniques per day and has a had a lot of press coverage. Partnered with Zipcar and which is helping them to move to the US market. The founder claims to have had a sudden amount of adoption by users in London. The future is increasing the user base and syndicating content around restaurant web sites. Also extending the brand into: Liveatmyhouse, Sleepatmyhouse, and is looking to raise investment. launches

New initiative for starups launches. Here’ the blurb form their site:

“Seedcamp is where Europe’s top young founders can come together in one place. From securing funding to developing the right network, young entrepreneurs in Europe face challenges in building globally competitive technology businesses. Through the provision of seed capital and a world class connection of mentors, we are providing a catalyst for Europe’s next entrepreneur generation. We welcome Europe’s brightest and most ambitious young entrepreneurs to take part in Seedcamp.”

More to follow…