Interview: Jaman prepares European assault

Jaman, California-based company that offers full length movies for either downloads or rental via a P2P client is planning to launch a European arm. The move is prior to an expansion of its programme of buying up rights to “mid-tail” independent and niche films. Unlike Joost, which is really aimed at TV viewers, Jaman is going for audiences who want successful independent film (the kind of thing “Trainspotting” was once

Facebook is the new AOL

ValleyWag today runs an interesting insider piece from a startup developing Facebook applications. Until recently FB members could invite all their friends to an app. creating massive viral adoption. Hence why some apps like Top Friends by Slide ended up with millions of users. Now Facebook is limiting app invitations to just 10 per day. That mean anyone creating a new app and trying to go viral has a mountain

Blogging Essential Web 2007

Live blogging notes from Essential Web 2007. Startup showcase notes: has 1000 uniques per day and has a had a lot of press coverage. Partnered with Zipcar and which is helping them to move to the US market. The founder claims to have had a sudden amount of adoption by users in London. The future is increasing the user base and syndicating content around restaurant web sites. Also

Freebase aims to monetise data Wiki via API services

OpenBusiness has interviewed Robert Cook, one of the co-founders of Freebase, a startup which aims to become the “Wikipedia for data”. Revenues will come through charging thrid party firms to access the API and leverage its data. Uses this coudld be put to include working out how many dentists are in one mile vicinity, if they are next to tube stop and are specialists in teeth whitening. Web 2.0 guru

Tribler’s long-tail video service

Watch out As Mashable reports, Denmark-based Tribler (note the .org domain) has created a BitTorrent client which works like to find new media based on your downloading history. The non-profit group, a joint research project from Delft University of Technology and the VU University Amsterdam, already has $8 million in government funding. It's also about to be tested with video on-demand services for the Netherlands Public Broadcasting organisation:

Yahoo dumps Photos to push Flickr

Breaking news: Yahoo! Photos will officially be axed today in favour of the Yahoo-owned Flickr, according to several news sites today. The closure will occur over the next few months, after Yahoo found that Flickr, with its social tools, is growing much faster than Yahoo! Photos and recently past it in traffic terms, according to Comscore. Users will be given the option of choosing one of a number of the