Joost launches, expands invites

Joost, the online television service from Skype and Kazaa founders Janus Friis and Niklas Zennstrom, launches today. Current beta testers will now get an unlimited number of invites, after being limited to five till now. A number of leading advertisers including Coca-Cola, Nike, General Motors and Visa will start ad campaigns this month. The latest version is available for download from existing users and those invited to join. While most

MySpace launches UK jobs

MySpace is partnering with SimplyHired – which it works with in the US – to launch an online jobs channel in the UK, reports Mashable today. The UK version of MySpace will deliver a million job ads from SH, which aggregates jobs from thousands of sources. They say it’ll be bigger than Monster and Fish4jobs and SimplyHired expects to see 2 million jobs on MySpace UK by the end of

Bebo hires Gambino to take on MySpace

Whatever happened to Angel Gambino, she of “MTV 2.0”? Well she’s been hired by Bebo to a new position of VP-music. Bebo is interested in rivaling MySpace in the music stakes. Until January this year she was VP commercial, strategy and digital media for Viacom in the UK, where she worked across 11 channels, and was previously controller of business development and emerging platforms at the BBC. Gambino announced the

LastFM on the block?

Is LastFM about to announce a deal, possibly with US media giant Viacom? There was the odd whisper around the ’social music sharing’ startup at the Future of Web Apps conference this week in London – especially after their stellar presentation to developers and assorted VCs in the audience. Then we just heard this morning from a well-placed source that the deal was being hammered out today. has already

Podcast: Customer is king on Reevoo

The podcast this week features an interview with Richard Anson, CEO of, a new UK-based start-up. The idea behind Reevoo is that customers can only review products they've actually bought, rather than the millions of half-baked reviews out there on things people have barely looked at. It is also a handy CRM exercise for online retailers. But listen to the podcast to get the full story.  News Update: