Videocast: Interview with Seatwave

Click To Play This week tbites interviewed Joe Cohen, CEO of UK startup Seatwave, the fan-to-fan ticket exchange. You might think selling unwanted tickets to concerts and events is a market normally populated by ticket touts and those selling on eBay – and you'd be right. But Seatwave hopes to bring some order and safety to this market, estimated to be worth around £1bn a year in the UK alone.

mbites Podcast: The customer is king of Reevoo

The podcast this week features an interview with Richard Anson, CEO of, a new UK-based start-up. The idea behind Reevoo is that customers can only review products they’ve actually bought, rather than the millions of half-baked reviews out there on things people have barely looked at. It is also a handy CRM exercise for online retailers. But listen to the podcast to get the full story. Download the

Open-sourced bar codes for crafts-people?

Here in Helsinki I met up with Ulla-Maaria Mutanen, Researcher, at the University of Helsinki. She has some fascinating ideas about the “Long Tail“. In part because of creating, which was about how you get girls developing technology and blogging about crafts, she got interested in the idea that the stuff which people make – perhaps a coat or a sculpture – will drop off the ‘long tail’ because

Sweden’s eBay ain’t eBay (Scandinavia Trip Part 2)

Stockholm trip Part 2, Jan 23: I met and interviewed the two founders of Sweden’s biggest online auction, Although it’s an easy pitch to call them an eBay copy, in fact these like-able young entrepreneurs started and stuck with the auction business right the way through massive competitions from outside players like eBay and QXL, and the dotcom nuclear winter of 2001-2003. They have emerged with 90% of the