Finally – a proper use for a mashup

I’m new to the new music scene of “Emo” (Emotional Punk, apparently), but following a link from a trends site I found From here you can find the site for Fall Out Boy. Here, fans can post pictures they’ve taken of their fave band and find out where eachother are for meetups etc. This seems to me like a fantastic mashup idea and pretty much confirms my view that

mbites Podcast: The customer is king of Reevoo

The podcast this week features an interview with Richard Anson, CEO of, a new UK-based start-up. The idea behind Reevoo is that customers can only review products they’ve actually bought, rather than the millions of half-baked reviews out there on things people have barely looked at. It is also a handy CRM exercise for online retailers. But listen to the podcast to get the full story. Download the

TechCrunch London party

An impromptu party organised by Mike Arrington of fame attracted upwards of 100 people to a central London bar on Monday night this week. One of the issues on people’s minds was when is the bubble on this latest Internet boom going to burst? Chatting over a beer Arrington said “When the market falls out of US house prices. Then people will start watching what they spend and the