Videocast: Interview with

Click To Play An interview with, first, upcoming band SecondPerson, the only UK band to win a deal via Sellaband, and then Pim Betist, Creative director, Sellaband at the first UK showcase of bands on the site. Sellaband offers a model of free legal distribution of new music by enabling a direct relationship between developing artists and their fans. The site enables fans (�believers�) to buy $10 shares in unsigned

Videocast: Interview with Seatwave

Click To Play This week tbites interviewed Joe Cohen, CEO of UK startup Seatwave, the fan-to-fan ticket exchange. You might think selling unwanted tickets to concerts and events is a market normally populated by ticket touts and those selling on eBay – and you'd be right. But Seatwave hopes to bring some order and safety to this market, estimated to be worth around £1bn a year in the UK alone.