Promotions site hunts for new partner

Dan Bladen from, a promotions site, is looking for an editorial partner/sponsor for the 9 month old promotions site. Designed to bolt on to a retailer, is currently partnered with “We’re not trying to compete with editorial sites, but bolt on to them, said Dan. Based in Manchester and London, the aim for the site is to build the database from its current level of 25,000 members.

“iTunes is good for indie labels”

Speaking to MusicBites, Danielle Milne, (pictured) label manager with Black Sugar Records, backed the development of the music industry into the digital environment. “Digital is really important. As a label manager I have to know the market. Everything now is about downloads, and the kids, the market#039s buyers, are hugely technicaly advanced. They are on chatrooms, and blogs all the time – you have know about it.” BSR acts have

Wireless music means subscription beats downloading

Subscription services ultimately work better than downoad services, according to Ted Cohen , Senior Vice President, Digital Development & Distribution, EMI Music “Right now we have choke points on how music gets exposed to you. On subscription services it’s a more level playing field, because you’re not competing for one of the 20 slots on the front of the music store. You may want to own a song, but if

A&R goes mobile in a digital world

Ralph Simon (Chairman of the influential Mobile Entertainment Forum – Americas (MEF), the official global body of the mobile entertainment industry) said A&R is changing, and music firms must have a mobile strategy for your A&R. “How should record labels mobilise? What mobile content can artists create? What should artists and mangers plan for? How does A&R interface with “seeding”? “A golden rule of mobile is to use mobile to

Major US indie label attacks iTunes and tech biz

Steve Gottlieb, President and founder TVT Records, the most successful indie label in the US spoke passionately at In The City about the future of the music business. He vehemently attacked the technology industry, as using and promoting the concept of free music in order to sell computers. “The Problem for the music industry is it has little defence against and technology advocates like Lawrence Lessig who advocate free music.”

Variable pricing for downloads “critical’

Ted Cohen, Senior Vice President, Digital Development & Distribution, EMI Music, talked about how comparitive pricing of downloadable songs was an idea whos time had come. Cohen says it’s critical it should come. The tools are now amazing, but we’ve taken away the ability to have a sale, like in a store. “I worked on Joss Stone on a lot of interactive products. He would have liked to have her

Will mobile phones overtake the iPod?

“Will the mobile phone take over from the iPod”. This was the question discussed by a panel session at In The City, which featured Steve Mayall (mobile music analyst, MusicAlly), Andy Baker (CEO, DX3), Susie Hinchliffe (Head of Content, Filter), Leigh Turnbull (Senior Publicist, WayToBlue) and Danny Van Emden (digital media director, EMI Music). Recent research commissioned by MonsterMob revealed that that there are 935m internet users, but 2 billion

Cohen: Wireless future for music

Ted Cohen (Senoir Vice President, Digital Development & Distribution, EMI Music, USA) said the future for mobile future would be wireless. “Having the ability to access music anywhere is future. Sony Stream Man service streams music to your handset. There#039s software now which can stream my hardrive over the Net to my handset. Filter, which did a Bluecasting promotion, was great. That’s wireless.”