TrueTones attacked by mobile agency

Nick Early, CEO of attacked Truetone “soundalikes” at In The City, saying “It is absolutely right that artists should get paid for their work. He said Truetone’s are ‘polluting’ the digital music industry. “Sure the publisher of the soundalike gets paid, but the artist of the original track doesn’t,” he said. Early contends that Realtones actually put money back into the business of finding more artists. A cover version

The first REAL find of ITC 05

MusicBites isn’t in the business of doing the A&R people’s job for them. We’re interested in the business. However. It is very hard to deny the unbelievable raw talent of Katie Forrester, who tore up an underground venue last night with both trad standards and edgy new street vocals. Together with rap act Mayhem Crew, Katie was, in a word, fantastic.We’re no experts. But we’d sign her. Like, er… now?