Indie labels “will win”

Steve Gottlieb, President and founder of TVT Records, the most successful indie label says. “The indie labels will ultimately win, because they are most concerned with music that matters and who give commitment to their artists.” “Major labels are disfunctional by design.” “They cut costs and there is no artists development.” “There will end up being one major.” He calls them Majees or the Indors. These will be large sophisticated

Major US indie attacks iTunes, backs subscription

Steve Gottlieb, (pictured) President and founder of TVT Records, the most successful indie label says. “I started TBT 20 years ago and the rules were fair to allow me to compete.” “I had to build from the ground up. Nine Inch Nails, KLF, Underworld, XTC. Have worked with a lot of artists, and even broken whole genres. It would not have happened without indie labels.” “The ability to build that

Online social media new music powerhouse

In the future, trusted guides to new and good music will continue to be media outlets, but bloggers and online social networks can be added to that list. At a panel on the future of the music consumer (70p kid versus 50quid man), When music is so available, what they prefer is a trusted guide in the scene. Nick Watt, director of NMK said: “Rough Trade started Rough Trade album

Digital music now across every demographic

Ian Bell of 7digital, which runs digital media commerce on behalf on record labels, broadcast, retail and brand partners, said the danger is thinking that digital is only 1-2% of digital revenues. “Digital is not 1-2% of music consumers. They are combining their listening habits between CD, downloads, subscriptions and mobile phone content.” (Ed’s note: Well yes, since most digital music is still pirated MP3 and ripped CDs). “We constantly

Cohen: you can’t fight iTunes

Ted Cohen, Senior Vice President, Digital Development & Distribution, EMI Music, says “There are labels who get it, but digital has more of a voice at the table than it ever has. I showed Warner the Net in 1996. They got it. But at the time AOL was metered by the hour. “Now it’s about consumer control. User created mixes and playlist trading. Things will find their audience. For most

Promotions site hunts for new partner

Dan Bladen from, a promotions site, is looking for an editorial partner/sponsor for the 9 month old promotions site. Designed to bolt on to a retailer, is currently partnered with “We’re not trying to compete with editorial sites, but bolt on to them, said Dan. Based in Manchester and London, the aim for the site is to build the database from its current level of 25,000 members.

“iTunes is good for indie labels”

Speaking to MusicBites, Danielle Milne, (pictured) label manager with Black Sugar Records, backed the development of the music industry into the digital environment. “Digital is really important. As a label manager I have to know the market. Everything now is about downloads, and the kids, the market#039s buyers, are hugely technicaly advanced. They are on chatrooms, and blogs all the time – you have know about it.” BSR acts have