A technologist, who started working for record forms in early 1970s. In 1972 he got into video, which was the size of a modern mixing desk. In 1978 he met with Atari (owned by Warner at the time) and got into games. In 1977 he met with Steve Jobs at Apple. In 1978 the PC came out with Commodore PC. He got online in 1979. In 1982 he started Warner and Atari group to look at music. Alas, they set up division in competition with each other so 1982-84 was a “death march”. He worked on CDi with Phillips. At his house his has a draw of CDi which took ten years and a billion dollars to create. INXS, Cranberries, all did a CDi. It shut down.

Microsoft wanted CDi to use DOS. They didn’t so Microsoft cut them out and CDi’s wouldn’t play on a PC.

He went on tour with the Sex Pistols. He also toured with Prince.

In the 90s he got every Diamond Rio going (15 versions).

He respects what iTunes did.

“Liquid Audio looked a lot like iTunes. But iTunes popularised it. Rio, Amplified.com, all these people deserve recognition.”

“iTunes works but the others work fine. But Apple does it the best.”