Second Lifers avoid TV

Over half of Second Life users are watching less TV since becoming memebers of the virtual world, according to a new report. But clearly TV advertisers had better get moving into this new world, because the report from market intelligence house GMI found that just over half (56%) of users think Second Life is a good promotional vehicle. Only 16 percent say they would not be more likely to buy

MoblogUK relaunches with new look has relaunched its site with a new redesign and launched a moblog for mobile operator 3’s X-Series handset range. Co-founder Alfie Dennen says: “The new homepage is geared towards being more inviting to new users, whilst also being a much more easy way to discover new things happening on the site. One of the new elements is something we call “busyness”, which calls those posts which have the most

Indie bands get push from

It’s now obvious that in order to promote a band these days you have to play online. MySpace was a ‘go-to’ place for a long time, although it is fast losing its cache as record companies start to – ethically or unethically – virally seed their own acts, sometimes even using robots to add hundreds of friends to an artist’s site or just employing people specifically for this task. And

MySpace goes into orbit

HitWise has the drop on MySpace today: “ has surpassed Yahoo! Mail as the most visited domain on the Internet for US Internet users. To put MySpace’s growth in perspective, if we look back to July 2004 represented only .1% of all Internet visits. This time last year represented 1.9% of all Internet visits. With the week ending July 8, 2006 market share figure of 4.5% of all

Universal signs total deal for Elton’s copyrights

Over 250 copyrights are covered by the deal signed today by Universal Music Publishing Group for Elton John’s back catalogue. The worldwide agreements administer the post-1974 publishing interests of Elton John and his collaborator, Bernie Taupin. As UMPG already owns the copyrights of songs written up to 1974, these new agreements put the entire Elton John catalog under one roof.