So, to wrap up from the Apple announcements. A new iMac G5, with nice DVD controls. iTunes with music videos (2,000 of them) to buy, and the ability to subscribe to video podcasts – plus user recommendations and collaborative filtering which will increase the “Long Tail” of the store. The new iPod plays video. A deal with Disney to time-shift 6 leading US TV shows (not a big deal, but it has long term implications). Ok, a question: The event was at BBC Television Centre. We all expected a deal with the Beeb for video, but the lawyers couldn’t hammer out a deal in time for the announcement. Come on guys, get with the programme! Lastly, and not leastly, the new ability to provide recommendations on iTunes will act as an olive branch to the indie labels who have had trouble getting onto the front page of iTunes. The question is, will it cool the industry’s desire to move to subscription services. We’ll have to wait and see.