iTunes 6 gets a once-over

Digital Music Weblog reviews iTunes 6: It concludes it is “functionally and cosmetically the same as iTunes 5 for the most part; the big difference, of course, is the presence of videos in the iTMS catalog. Music videos form the bulk of that catalog addition, but the most significant part of the iTunes 6 package is the TV section. It does not replace DVRs or revolutionize television habits, as iTunes

A question about Apple

So, to wrap up from the Apple announcements. A new iMac G5, with nice DVD controls. iTunes with music videos (2,000 of them) to buy, and the ability to subscribe to video podcasts – plus user recommendations and collaborative filtering which will increase the “Long Tail” of the store. The new iPod plays video. A deal with Disney to time-shift 6 leading US TV shows (not a big deal, but