So, to wrap up. New iMac G5, with nice DVD controls etc. iTunes with music videos (2000) to buy and the ability to susbcribe to video podcasts – plus user recommendations and collaborative filtering (Long Tail etc). New iPod plays video. A deal with Disney to time-shift 6 leading US TV shows (not a big deal, but its monetising time shifting, so significant). Ok, questions: Where is the camera on the iPod? Haven’t they heard of video blogging? Where is the Bluetooth on the iPod? Why are we still having to deal with all these wires? Moreover, where is the Wi-fi on the iPod? Why doesn’t Apple want to kill a few mobile phone companies? The last couple of points I’d say relate to battery life. Add wireless and you drain batteries. Not great for a consumer device essentially designed to play music on the go. Last question: the event was at BBC Television Centre – geddit? But the lawyers couldn’t hammer out a deal in time for the announcement?! Come on guys, get with the programme!