Or so says Tomi Ahonen on Communities dominate brands:

Mobile as the 7th mass media is as much superior to the internet, as TV is to radio. Today at 2.7 billion mobile phone users, there are three times as many mobile phones as personal computers (and over a quarter of all internet access is already from mobile phones). There are nearly twice as many mobile phones as TV sets. Twice as many people use messaging on a phone (SMS text messaging) as use e-mail on the web. But mobile was first a communication device. It emerged as the 7th mass media only by the year 2000. By far the youngest of the seven mass media, the mobile is also by far the least understood.

Don’t have time to read the whole thing? His argument is neatly summarised by Nic Brisbourne thus:

1. The mobile is a uniquely identifiable device – so personalisation and targeting can be an order of magnitude better. Every time you go back to a site it recognises your number. The media owner can know with 100% accuracy when you visited his site and what you did whilst you were there. No need to worry about cookies.

2. It is always on and always with you – so you can have alert services. Apparently seven out of ten people sleep with their mobile within arms reach – and most of them literally have their phone in bed with them.

3. The phone has a built in payments channel – twice as many people have phones as credit cards and their is no 18 year age limit – combine this with unique identification and the result is truly revolutionary

4. Mobile makes media input and creation unbelievably easy and convenient. Simply snap and post to your blog or Flickr.