120pc UK mobile penetration?

Mobile Today has a neat graphic for subscriber takeup in the UK: However, where is 3? As Ed Cross says: What it looks really interesting is the total cumulative amount of subscribers in the study to be 66.7 million, this number does not consider "3", lets add maybe another 5 million for their probable share?, Tesco Mobile, Dot Mobile, and any other MVNO's i am not aware of (EasyMobile closed

Mobile is the next mass medium

Or so says Tomi Ahonen on Communities dominate brands: Mobile as the 7th mass media is as much superior to the internet, as TV is to radio. Today at 2.7 billion mobile phone users, there are three times as many mobile phones as personal computers (and over a quarter of all internet access is already from mobile phones). There are nearly twice as many mobile phones as TV sets. Twice