Digital design event

If you are interested in current digital technology and creativity developments, or have something to contribute about the importance of good design principles in interactive media, then check out iDesign: design for life on September 18th, at London’s Southbank Centre, Purcell Room as part of this year’s London Design Festival. There’ll be an exhibition and debates to examine the impact of digital interactive media on all of our daily lives,

Standard coming back?

The Industry Standard, my former magazine, appears to be considering re-launching. Its six years since the death of the “newsmagazine of the Internet Economy”, but at least it left a good looking corpse. Many people still respect the kind of in-depth investigate coverage it brought to the Internet industry. Quite why owners IDG are considering bringing it back is beyond me. Time-Warner pulled the plug on Business 2.0, a similar

New-ish pastures

You may have picked this up elsewhere, but here’s a brief announcement for mbites readers. I am the new Editor of TechCrunch UK & Ireland. Some may know that I helped launch the site for the first time late last year. I also resigned after what I perceived at the time to be unnecessary editorial interference from the US site in a UK editorial issue. It’s hard to explain it

My talk at PSFK London

Last May, at the PSFK Conference London 2007 I gave a talk on how media owners are on a race for survival against technology companies that put the power to publish in the hands of the ‘audience.’ Here it is, including my embarrassing stall half way through where I need to go get some water: Click To Play PSFK are running some much better speakers than I at the PSFK

This week I am mostly at…

I HATE blog posts that apologise for the lack of updates. Like, who cares?! Either blog or don’t blog. Just don’t apologise. However, I do find that these days I update my Twitter microblog more than this blog! And I have been working on other stuff other than blogging lately. And thinking. However, I will be writing about the Brunch Bites event last week soon. This week I have been

Will closed social networking kill off User Generated Content?

I just need to blog this while it’s still in my head. I’m sure others have come to the same conclusion in a more erudite manner, and posted longer pieces. But I’m starting to wonder if the “User Generated Content” revolution, which was supposed to be taking over the world somewhere around about now, may not hit the heights it was predicted to. Why? Because social networking could well take

Eight reasons why Facebook owns your ass

Thanks to the “Facebook Isn’t Private, and 7 Other Things You Should Know” post I have taken the main points about its Terms and Conditions and summarised below. It makes for gritty reading. 1. The terms can change at any time of Facebook’s choosing. 2. Facebook is legally for personal use only (only actual people can create profiles. And you’re not supposed to profit from it. A profile for a

Dvorak just doesn’t get it

John Dvorak is an old-fashioned tech jounralist in the US who thinks we’re going to have another dotcom bust: “Every single person working in the media today who experienced the dot-com bubble in 1999 to 2000 believes that we are going through the exact same process and can expect the exact same results—a bust…Today everything from YouTube to the local church has a social-networking angle. And this doesn’t even consider