You may have picked this up elsewhere, but here’s a brief announcement for mbites readers. I am the new Editor of TechCrunch UK & Ireland. Some may know that I helped launch the site for the first time late last year. I also resigned after what I perceived at the time to be unnecessary editorial interference from the US site in a UK editorial issue. It’s hard to explain it all now, but all I can say is, hell, you had to be there…

However, after a long “time out” I am back again and happy to say that TechCrunch has decided to show its firm commitment to this market and to editorial independence. For my part, it’s great to be editing the site and I want people to be re-assured that TechCrunch UK & Ireland is here to stay.

The other sites I have been working on recently – including – remain personal projects, but I will do all my ‘news breaking’ and heavy blogging about the Web 2.0, tech and startups business on TechCrunchUKI. I’ll also be contributing to TechCrunch US.

To contact me:

Email: mike [at] mbites dot com

Twitter:: @mikebutcher

Mobile: Ask first.

Skype: mikegbutcher

More info on me: