Technology World 07 – high-level, but cheap seats

Technology World 07 is an unusual event in the UK as it brings 80 hand-picked foreign ICT buyers (big fish such as LG, Samsung, Nokia – as well as medium sized companies) to the UK for one-to-one meetings with UK ICT companies. It is an annual event and this year’s focus is on mobile, wireless and broadcasting, ICT applications for the information security sector, and ICT applications for the banking

Pluck to pick UK head

Pluck, which re-packages social media content for publishers, broadcasters and major brands, is expanding beyond the US and is now on the hunt for a UK MD, according to a highly placed source. Last year the Austin, Texas-based RSS and publisher services company, raised $7 million from Reuters, Austin Ventures and Mayfield and re-focused away from consumer-facing RSS services towards B2B products. Their SiteLife Social Media suite generates user content

Europeans dominate Second Life

There doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason why there are more Germans in Second Life than Americans even though there are more American firms advertising inside the virtual world. Could it be down to better broadband in Germany? For now we'll have to ponder the results of a new Comscore study which finds that Second Life has a rapidly growing and global base of active residents. The report