Technology World 07 – high-level, but cheap seats

Technology World 07 is an unusual event in the UK as it brings 80 hand-picked foreign ICT buyers (big fish such as LG, Samsung, Nokia – as well as medium sized companies) to the UK for one-to-one meetings with UK ICT companies. It is an annual event and this year’s focus is on mobile, wireless and broadcasting, ICT applications for the information security sector, and ICT applications for the banking

Joined-up marketing thinking

Justin Kirby over at has created a new site around how the theory and methodology of “Connected Marketing” is evolving and also being put into practice. He’s published a series of new podcast interviews for the site including ones on “Open Innovation, Trends and Engagement” marketing. Check it out.

PR Unspun take 2

Suddenly it’s all about trying to be nice to bloggers and get them on your side. Do I smell the whiff of fear amongst media and brands? Trailing in the wake on an event I ran recently are two further events on the subject. A seminar on “Blogger Relations” to help PR types to understand engagement with the blogosphere better is being run this Friday, May 25th. There is more