The Dark Side Of Social Media – an event

I’m organising a panel discussion provisionally titled “The Dark Side Of Social Media”. This is going to be about how Social Media (MySpace, YouTube etc etc) has a ‘bad’ side, and it is not quite the new media nirvana some make it out to be. The Kathy Sierra incident is just once recent, extreme example. For instance consider these issues surrounding social media which remain unresolved: • Child safety remains

Real life brands behave the same in Second Life

Nic Mitham at the K Zero blog (a marketing and branding company) has posted a map of all the real-world brands he could find operating in the virtual world of Second Life. It’s a hard-wired map which would well do with uploading to Flickr so that people could start to tag it with their own knowledge. This needs a little crowd sourcing… Here is the link to the big version.