It’s been a long day of interviews sand I’ve got an appointment with some ZZZs. However, suffice it to say that after meeting with a bunch of mobile firms here in Helsinki today, I’m going to say one word: Communities. Ok, so it doesn’t sound that ground breaking, but I guess the first web page looked pretty dull too. (In fact when the first site I was ever involved in building – back in 1994 in fact – needed a button, we produced a huge graphic of a big red button and plonked it on the page. We thought THAT was cutting edge). But I digress. Put simply, mobile communities and community functions are going to be at the core of every serious media owner, every operator (at least the ones that survive the shift to IP-based networks) and every handset maker on the planet. The digital media world is leaving the realm of hard-ware, hard-portals and hard-media and moving into the fluid world of soft-ware and soft-networks. It’s the new religion, baby.