I have been trying to catch up with blogging, but with a hectic schedule, limited access to decent Wi-Fi (make that decent and affordable Wi-Fi), not to mention sub-zero temperatures – it’s getting tricky. Suffice it to say I’ve met a lot of people on the way so far, including Prof. Chip MacGuire (who told me why mobile operators are dead meat), Stina from Cypak (which will probably one day be a household name), Elin from Doberman, the fabulous digital agency, Henrik form Docteq, Gustav from Kenetworks, and a whole bunch of others. Now I’m in Helsinki (meeting amazing people like Ulla and Jyri) it’s all starting again. I look forward to getting back to London where I can get it all down on screen (as opposed to paper!). For now, probably the best way to track this trip is my Flickr blog (see right), where pictures speak a thousand words – and at least they appear faster than I can type!