Catching up with blogging. Not. (Scandinavia trip)

I have been trying to catch up with blogging, but with a hectic schedule, limited access to decent Wi-Fi (make that decent and affordable Wi-Fi), not to mention sub-zero temperatures – it’s getting tricky. Suffice it to say I’ve met a lot of people on the way so far, including Prof. Chip MacGuire (who told me why mobile operators are dead meat), Stina from Cypak (which will probably one day

Sweden’s dark secret (Scandinavia trip)

Meeting Cecilia Stegö Chilò of the Timbro thinktank was an experience. A former journalist, she is a passionate believer in the future of Sweden as a liberalised economy. The problem, she says, is that in a globalised world, the Nordic “social model” of high taxation, expensive public services won’t work, and nor will it create the jobs Sweden’s young people will need in the next few years. She is also