Second Morning Session

This is Anne’s (12snap) third SMS Conference. Hmmn, pretty hard worker,.

No longer and emrging medium, it’s one everyone is using. Premium rate SMS

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Omnipresent. 1.5 bn SMS sent in UK a month.

We know this.

Consumers are getting smarter and response rates will drop if you don’t keep your campaign your

Vodafone had problems for running ads which were too naughty.

Text is about flirtation. Let’s not deny this. 37% pf people use it to flirt. 20% ask for a date.

Siver Texters (55+) are growing. 4% increase in SMS use by these guys.

Anna talked about her mum who took two hours to train before she went back to Malaysia. “Hello dear, it’s your mother here” Was the first text. Next one was “Bombs exploding here.”

35-54 age range is increasing. This audience writes in real English not ‘text speak’. So you have to tailor your message.

Cadbury found that SMS competition on the wrapper had actually driven sales of their Dairy Milk bar. They are doing their second campaign now.

TV now integrates mobile now to such an extent that many shows are now totally integrating SMS in their formats.

3 basic campaigns are happening.

Push – target group gets txt asking them to opt in to something

Pull – numbers on packaging etc

Dialogue – fastest growing area.

Premium rate is:

Above standard rate

Charged via mobile bill, 12p to